Concrete Repairs & Maintenance

Concrete is used in many areas of homes, commercial buildings and recreational areas. Whether you have a crack in your wall that needs a simple injection repair, exterior Parging cleaned up, or your concrete porch is in need of resurfacing or sealing, we've got you covered.

Whatever the source of your problem is, we provide: FREE Diagnostics and Estimate

WE ASSESS THE SITUATION AND PROVIDE YOU THE MOST PRACTICAL AND COST EFFECTIVE OPTIONS. Our most common repair is also one of the least expensive foundation repairs - Foundation Crack injections.



Many foundation repairs can be easily and inexpensively managed from the inside, avoiding more costly excavating from the outside and disturbing ground, vegetation and landscaping that can add to the overall cost and impact of the repair.

Our tried and proven methods of Injecting foundation cracks provide you with a cost effective and exceptional result. The work is backed by our transferrable warranty.

If you’re thinking about finishing your basement, let us take a look before you begin the work.

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Concrete and Masonry Parging

Over time the Parge coat on your masonry wall can start to crumble and become unsightly, or worse – it can be the source of drafts and an entrance way for bugs and other unwanted critters.  Keeping on top of the maintenance of your Parge coat is another way of avoiding bigger more costly repairs down the road, as well as protecting the value of your investment.  Parge is designed for resurfacing, coating and repairing concrete and masonry walls.

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Time and weather can take their toll on Concrete surfaces, and we have resurfacing solutions for Concrete Patios, Porches and steps that can restore their original beauty… or even better!

Resurfacing with a cement based overlay or micro-topping will provide you with a fresh new look and years of enjoyment. Have you put up with tired concrete too long, give us a call and we’ll provide some great ideas and a no obligation Free estimate.

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Protecting your concrete surface- be that Patio, walkway or driveway is critical to extending the life of the surface and to provide luster and appeal to the look and feel.

Weather, hot and cold cycles, and UV wear down the surface coat of concrete sealants, which could lead to damage or discolouration.

All exposed concrete surfaces will eventually need re-sealing, the frequency of that is somewhat dependent on a variety of factors including the type and quality of the previous sealant. Re-sealing could be necessary in as early as 2 years, or as distant as 10 years. Have us take a look at your concrete and see what stage your sealant is at. Call for a Free, No obligation estimate.

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