Wet basements are caused by a variety of individual or collective issues. Some of the most common causes of water or moisture in basements are cracked foundations - be that block or poured concrete basements. Sometimes homes require water sealing or waterproofing products, often it's as simple as injecting foundation cracks from the inside, or managing water flow through grading, downspouts or properly maintained window wells.

Whatever the source of your problem is, we provide: FREE Diagnostics and Estimate

WE ASSESS THE SITUATION AND PROVIDE YOU THE MOST PRACTICAL AND COST EFFECTIVE OPTIONS. Our most common repair is also one of the least expensive foundation repairs - Foundation Crack injections.


Cracked Foundations

Many foundation repairs can be easily and inexpensively managed from the inside, avoiding more costly excavating from the outside and disturbing ground, vegetation and landscaping that can add to the overall cost and impact of the repair.

Our tried and proven methods of Injecting foundation cracks provide you with a cost effective and exceptional result. The work is backed by our transferrable warranty.

If you're thinking about finishing your basement, let us take a look before you begin the work.

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Waterproofing & Watersealing

Waterproofing or water sealing your home offers assurance that seepage and dampness are not your problem. We offer permanent solutions that eliminate water penetration and provide a first line of defence against all moisture.

Solutions are somewhat dependent on your foundation type and your ground stabilization. We can offer a free assessment and estimate as to what the best course of action is to eliminate water issues for years to come.

We guarantee our work for 15 years…  and that’s a transferable warranty should you ever choose to sell your home.  Rest assured we will do the job right, providing the most cost effective solution.

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Window Wells, Downspouts and Grading

When it comes to rainy days, Window wells, downspouts and improper grading can create big headaches.

A properly installed and maintained window well is designed to help water drain away from the foundation wall, or to drain down the well into the weeping tile at the foundation footing.

If your home has a window below, you want to properly maintain the performance of those window wells. Your window well is your defense against any potential or existing water penetration issues. Properly placed and directed down spouts are also critical to keep water out of your basement, and even the slightest grading issue around your home can create havoc. Over time soil around homes settles, eventually resulting in drainage that flows towards your home instead of away. This fundamental issue is something we can easily address, generally with a straightforward and cost efficient solution. Don’t let moisture destroy your investment or enjoyment.

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